Reliable Solutions for Communications Tax

Communications tax grows more complex every day. It's difficult to keep up with new rules, rates, and technologies. Automated solutions ensure the proper calculation of tax.

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Leverage Unparalleled Communications Tax Expertise

For 30+ years, Vertex has provided solutions to help leading telecom providers ensure accurate tax calculation. Vertex enables non-telecom companies expand their business into new communications services like streaming and IoT, by simplifying tax.

Accurate Tax Determination for a Complex Industry

Vertex solutions ensure accurate tax determination, even for the most complex transactions.

Perform calculations for complex services

Over 2 million communications tax rules automate the taxability and calculations for every invoice, even complex bundled services and emerging technologies.

Meet your unique needs with flexible setup

Set up custom taxability rates and rules, franchise fees, and bundled services to meet your specific business needs. Easily update configurations as your business grows.

Improve accuracy with precise jurisdiction identification

Leverage the latest geospatial technology, even longitude/latitude coordinates for precise jurisdiction identification to ensure tax accuracy.

Streamline exemption certificate management

Access the communications tax exemption certificates you need, plus tools for collecting, tracking, and storing certificates⁠—integrated into your tax engine.


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