4 Stages of Migrating Your Indirect Tax Processes to the Cloud

November 05, 2020

About the Event

If it wasn’t enough to keep track of the myriad global, national, and local tax rules and regulations, tax departments also need to make sure they’re pivoting to meet business initiatives around digital transformation, the global pandemic, and more.

The reason why companies migrate can differ, but the steps to migrate rarely vary. It’s important to come up with a concrete execution plan to eliminate any pitfalls or lags in the process.

While organizations are working hard to pivot, outdated software can quickly add additional complexities to the mix. It is important for tax and IT departments to work together to contribute to the success of migrating to a cloud-based tax automation solution.

This webinar will provide real-world expertise on migrating tax to the cloud – in 4 steps. Attendees will learn:

  • Who needs to be involved
  • Motivations behind a migration
  • Expectations of the migration
  • Suggested maintenance
  • KPIs to measure by

As an added bonus, attendees will learn the benefits of working with an experienced tax technology vendor, such as Vertex.