Why Sales & Use Tax Compliance Can't Wait During COVID-19

As if sales and use tax wasn’t complex enough, a pandemic has caused states to extend deadlines, set new conditions, and waive penalties to help businesses negatively impacted.

Learn how Vertex boost efficiency by streamlining tax processes and addressing common gaps in your tax and IT functions.

Webcast Summary

Like the IRS, a number of state and local taxing authorities have extended income tax filing deadlines for businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, state and local taxing jurisdictions have not necessarily extended deadlines for reporting and paying sales and use tax. Those taxing jurisdictions that have extended deadlines also stipulate a variety of conditions, not only for waiving penalties, but also for qualifying for relief and requesting payment plans.

Few companies, let alone finance teams, have the time or resources to keep up with the most recent changes to sales and use tax filing requirements. However, many companies are able to provide their finance teams with cloud-based access to timely information about sales and use tax obligations.

Learning Objectives

  • Which details, besides dates, require the attention of finance leaders with regard to new sales and use tax filing deadlines
  • What criteria finance leaders should keep in mind to determine which types of sales and use tax relief their companies are eligible for
  • How to apply advances in automation to accelerate compliance with the latest requirements for reporting and paying sales and use tax

Why Sales and Use Tax Compliance Can't Wait During COVID-19

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