Vertex Showcases End-to-End Tax Solutions at the National Retail Federation [NRF] Retail’s Big Show

Vertex is pleased to join many of our customers—and tech and alliance partners—at the National Retail Federation [NRF] Retail’s Big Show conference at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, January 15-17, 2023.

NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing organizations ranging from big box stores, specialty, discount, catalog, Internet, and independent retailers to chain restaurants, grocery stores, and multi-level marketing companies—making Retail’s Big Show the perfect opportunity to showcase the benefits of a tax solution for ecommerce and brick-and-mortar sellers.

Efficiency, accuracy, and speed are at the heart of Vertex’s solutions—here’s how we help our customers fuel the growth that leads to a transformational customer experience. 

With NRF’s focus on breakthrough technology that is designed to accelerate business goals through transformative technology, Vertex solutions benefit retailers of all sizes through: 

  • Frictionless Commerce and the Shift Toward Omnichannel and Unified Experience: Ensuring that tax is applied accurately in a timely manner has become a matter of strategic importance to both customers and tax authorities. It is no longer a differentiation but an essential expectation. With 40 years of experience, and deep tax expertise, Vertex enables companies to increase the accuracy of their indirect tax determination, improve the integrity of their tax data, and efficiently comply with ever-changing, complex global tax regulations.
  • Globalization and Growth: As organizations add customers in new geographic regions that means new tax jurisdictions, new thresholds, rates, and regulations and in the end more complexity and risk from a tax and compliance perspective. With integrated solutions from Vertex, organizations can expand their business confidently, enabling their eCommerce site/marketplace to sell in any currency in any country, identify customer location and provide B2B validation in real-time. 
  • Marketplaces and Emerging Marketplace Models: The combination of marketplace facilitator requirements within global, regional, and local tax regulations and the global nature of digital commerce has made using a tax engine a necessity as organizations work to comply with the new regulations and avoid penalties. Vertex solutions for marketplaces enables customers to confidently expand into new geographies and sales channels with Vertex’s comprehensive tax rule and rate content and cross-border logic. 
  • Transformation of Tax and Finance: With agreement across all industry sectors that modernizing financial operations will be an essential element to compete in volatile local, regional, and global markets, leaders are ready to invest in finance modernization.  A partnership with Vertex means solutions for indirect tax and compliance, resulting in the modernization and transformation of their tax and financial systems using a single integrated platform across the business.
  • Reducing Risk and Meeting Emerging Compliance Challenges: From the challenges of accurately determining the tax on every line item of every transaction; to managing exemptions; to the issuance of accurate invoices; and the ultimate reporting, filing and remittance in every required jurisdiction – managing tax compliance for retailers can be overwhelming.  By partnering with Vertex and launching software solutions to ensure compliance, supplemented with Vertex outsourced services for certificate management, reporting, filing and remittance, retailers can open up resources to support other strategic tasks and initiatives across the business.
  • Integrating Systems and Ecosystems: As retailers continue to grow and expand their sales channels, they are also upgrading and transforming their platforms and infrastructure to add features and capabilities to support that growth. Therefore, consistency of tax calculations across channels is vital. Sales tax will be calculated consistently at the store on the POS, on the website, and on the mobile app because all channels are leveraging the same tax solution. With Vertex integrated solutions for indirect tax compliance, organizations can increase the agility and scalability of tax and finance to adapt their processes to meet new and emerging tax compliance requirements for invoicing, reporting, filing and remittance.

Join Vertex at Booth 817, interact with our experts and gain valuable insights into frictionless commerce, global growth, transformation, and cloud migrations. Find out more about Vertex at NRF 2023 here.

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Pete Olanday

Pete Olanday

Director, Field Consulting

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Pete Olanday is Director, Retail Consulting, responsible for the integration of Vertex's Indirect Tax solutions in the retail space, specifically with Point-of-Sale systems and e-commerce platforms. Prior to joining Vertex, Pete worked for IKEA and EY. Pete has a B.S. in information and decision sciences from Carnegie Mellon University.

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