Vertex Honors Tax Technology Trailblazers

  • November 05, 2019

Winners of our Vertex Exchange 2019 Innovation Awards

Congratulations to Coke One North America (CONA), Graybar Electric, the LEGO Group, MetLife, Patagonia and Siemens Corporation for leveraging Vertex tax technology to contribute to their overall business success! We’re proud to recognize these companies as tax innovators for their forward-thinking approaches to using tax technology to deliver increased business value to their organizations.

Vertex Exchange 2019 Innovation Award Winners

Vertex tax solutions not only streamline compliance, but also connect tax data to other business functions, optimizing resources and enabling tax departments to manage these requirements and help with strategic growth.

“As global regulatory complexity and uncertainty increase, organizations continue to seek advanced tax software to automate processes and drive for success,” said David DeStefano, Vertex president and CEO. “We’re thrilled to honor these teams of tax, finance and IT professionals who have used technology to elevate tax as a strategic business partner.”

I was honored to help present the Innovation Awards at Vertex Exchange, our annual conference for corporate tax and technology. These awards hold deep meaning to us here at Vertex, as innovation in the pursuit of continuous improvement and helping our customers connect with what matters most are two of our enduring values.

Congratulations again to the honorees! You can read more here about how each company leveraged Vertex solutions to drive additional value for their business.

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