Vertex CEO Defines the ROI of Corporate Social Responsibility

Money, time and worthy causes.

Those are the key variables in Vertex’s straightforward formula for corporate social responsibility (CSR) investments, according to our President and CEO David DeStefano.

“We see our philanthropic activities as an investment in both our employees and in the communities where we work,” David recently told CEO Weekly INsights, a publication of the Satell Institute. “We either dedicate dollars or volunteer time to a worthy cause.”

The Satell Institute is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, fully-endowed “Think and Do Tank” for CSR. The organization champions the interdependence of successful business organizations, the well-being of the communities they operate in, and the need they have for each other. Vertex, along with Bank of America, DuPont and nine other organizations, serves as one of Satell Institute’s founding corporate affiliates.

In the article, David highlights Vertex’s approach to CSR and explains how our employees shape the selection of our charitable partners. He also describes the mutual benefits that our philanthropic activities generate both to the communities and organizations we invest in, as well as to Vertex itself.

Part of this ROI is what David refers to as “return on individual” – the higher retention and engagement rates Vertex enjoys from “the satisfaction employees derive from working for a company that not just supports their volunteer efforts, but facilitates them.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about Vertex, check out the rest of David’s interview and visit our careers page to see our available openings.

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