Top 10 States with the Lowest Beer Taxes

In the United States, taxes on beer differ significantly depending on the state where you purchase it.

According to a Kiplinger article, " Tennessee's top rate of $1.29 per gallon is more than 64 times higher than in Wyoming."

Here is the top 10 list of states with the lowest beer taxes based on off-premise sales on 4.7% by volume beer in 12-ounce containers. Local excise taxes are excluded.

  1. Wyoming - the lowest in the country at $0.02 per gallon
  2. Missouri - $0.06 per gallon
  3. Wisconsin - $0.06 per gallon
  4. Colorado - $0.08 per gallon
  5. Oregon - $0.08 per gallon
  6. Pennsylvania - $0.08 per gallon
  7. Rhode Island - $0.10 per gallon
  8. Massachusetts - $0.11 per gallon
  9. Indiana - $0.12 per gallon
  10. New Jersey - $0.12 per gallon

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