Streamline VAT Determination & Compliance to Extend the Value of SAP S/4HANA

The European Central Bank Building and the skyline of Frankfurt am Main.

Businesses across Europe relying on their ERP system to calculate VAT on their transactions is quickly increasing due to a complex environment, demanding regulations and tax associated risk. But how can you make sure your ERP is fit for purpose and ready to help you accurately calculate VAT? 
Fortunately, SAP run businesses can stay ahead of the game by adopting an integrated tax solution to expand the value of their existing ERP. In most cases, SAP’s VAT module will be enough to stay tax compliant. However, for those businesses with more complex requirements, it becomes clear that automation, reporting, and remittance capabilities are needed to achieve growth and prepare for the challenges ahead. 
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to more effectively:

  • Navigate cross-border VAT complexity 
  • Manage multi-party transactions 
  • Handle complex exception rules 
  • Get on top of real time VAT reporting 
  • Stay up to date with legislative requirements and changes 


  • Aidan O’Neill 
    Lead Consultant and Event Moderator, Vertex 
  • Joyce Edgar 
    Senior Director, Global Indirect Tax, NewsCorp / Dow Jones & Company 
  • Jerome Cacace 
    Tax Technology & Systems Manager, Ford Motor Company  
  • Erik Bouman 
    Tax Technology Advisor, IKEA  
  • Ingeborg Molenaar 
    EMEA Indirect Tax Lead, Cargill 

E-Invoicing Requirements and VAT in the Digital Age

Learn more about e-invoicing mandates in the European Commission's VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) proposal.

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