The Shape of the Recession Will Reshape State and Local Tax Policies

The Shape of the Recession Will Reshape State And Local Tax Policies

by Michael J. Bernard and George L. Salis


In this Tax Notes State article, Michael J. Bernard, Chief Tax Officer, and George L. Salis, Principal Economist and Tax Policy Adviser, discuss how economic stabilization measures enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could affect state and local tax policies and how businesses can influence these outcomes.

Economic rescue efforts in response to COVID-19 have proven necessary and indispensable. However, as Michael and George discuss, the repercussions of the unprecedented economic stabilization and stimulus measures will linger far into the future. In this article, the authors address the following questions and more:

  • What will the recovery model look like?
  • What considerations should tax leaders keep in mind as state legislatures begin to reconvene?
  • How can tax leaders shape and influence tax policymaking?

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