Sales and Use Tax Trends in 2016

It’s obvious why states are turning up the pressure for tax remittance. But do you know how much is at stake for your clients?

The sales and use tax situation

Compliance presents many challenges, especially since there are more than 60,000 distinct sales and use tax rates in the U.S. alone — and over 11,000 local jurisdictions with approximately 600 rate changes per year. This is a lot to keep track of, especially when an audit can cost small businesses an average of $100,000.

In this infographic, learn about the 2016 tax situation, tax challenges, and a solution you can use to help protect your clients from potential audits.


End-to-end automated tax compliance services and Vertex have a solution to protect you and your clients. Our sales tax automation program provides a centralized source for calculations, consumer use tax, and signature-ready returns. You can protect against audits by uploading tax data and cross-checking for accuracy. You’re also able to store, update, and maintain exemption certificates.

The solution to protect your clients

Explore a cloud-based solution that allows you to serve as a trusted business advisor to your clients in sales and use tax automation.

Digital world map demonstrating global cloud tax tax.