Report: COVID-19, Tax, and Business: How Things Are Heading Toward 2022

The effects on business and municipalities of COVID-19 have been many and significant – ranging from closed businesses, reduced workforces, and drops in tax revenues for municipalities. As many businesses have explored and developed new revenue streams to survive and even grow, municipalities have strived to replace or expand tax laws and regulations to generate tax revenue. This report examines these issues and key legislation that effect how businesses earn revenue and become subject to tax obligations – including: 

  • The American Rescue Plan and State and Local Taxes 
  • The Cares ACT 
  • Maryland’s Taxes on Digital Advertising Revenues and Digital Product Sales 
  • State Taxation of Remote Work 

Download this report to discover how the impact this legislation has on new marketplace facilitator laws, and how our integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you untangle tax issues. 

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