The Business Case for Outsourcing Sales and Use Tax Returns

Reduce cost and increase efficiency for your business.

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The global pandemic is presenting organizations with unimagined financial and operational challenges. Among the business lines feeling this shift most acutely are tax and finance departments.

Growing tax complexity, increasing audit activity, and in-house staffing constraints have many tax and finance leaders looking for ways to adapt and pivot quickly and efficiently. Manual processing of sales and use tax returns can be a labor-intensive effort that can strain the resources of tax departments or accounting practices. In this e-book, explore the ways tax and finance staff are responding to having to do more with less, including:

  • How tax and finance departments are controlling costs and making smart and timely investments
  • Advantages of outsourcing sales and use tax returns
  • Benefits of migrating tax functions to the cloud

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Outsource Monthly Compliance

More and more businesses choose to outsource their sales and use tax returns to improve compliance and grow with confidence. Explore our trusted outsourcing service.

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