Missouri Holds Back to School Sales Tax Holiday

Missouri will hold its annual back to school sales tax holiday August 3-5, 2018. During this time, the following items can be purchased tax-free:

  • Clothing –$100 or less per item;
  • School supplies – $50 or less per item;
  • Computer software – $350 or more per item;
  • Personal computers – $1,500 or less per item;
  • Computer peripheral devices –$1,500 or less per item; and
  • Graphing Calculators – $150 or less per item.

It is important to note that cities, counties and districts in Missouri can choose to not participate in this sales tax holiday. If one or all of the local taxing jurisdictions do not participate in the sales tax holiday, the state's portion of the tax rate (4.225%) will remain exempt for the sale of qualifying sales tax holiday items.

For more information, review the Missouri Department of Revenue’s Back to School Sales Tax Holiday FAQs and information page.

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