Mississippi Holds Sales Tax Holiday for Clothing and Footwear July 2019

Mississippi will hold its annual sales tax holiday for clothing and footwear July 26-July 27, 2019. This gives shoppers the opportunity to purchase eligible clothing and footwear items free of state sales tax.

The sales tax holiday will apply to all consumer purchases of clothing and footwear with a sales price of less than $100 per item.

It’s important to note that items priced at $100 or more, rentals, pairings or eligible and non-eligible items, reduced-price items and layaway items are subject to sales tax at the regular retail rate of 7 percent.

For more information about Mississippi’s sales tax holiday on clothing and footwear, and to see which items are eligible and non-eligible for the sales tax holiday, please refer to the Mississippi Department of Revenue Official Guide to the Sales Tax Holiday.