Master E-commerce Sales Tax Complexity in Four Steps

Automate your e-commerce sales tax process and stay ahead of the game.

As e-commerce sales grow, so does tax complexity

In the U.S., there’s $360.32 billion in e-commerce retail sales. Mobile sales are up by $72.48 billion and desktop sales are up $291.78 billion. And 45 out of 50 states require sales tax to be paid on all purchases in store and online. It may seem daunting to navigate, but in this infographic, we’ll show you how to effectively and accurately calculating sales tax on your e-commerce sales: 

Do you know the 4 steps to ensure accurate e-commerce sales tax management?

Effectively calculate e-commerce sales tax 

As you consider a tax automation tool, it’s important to first understand the benefits. 

With a tax automation tool, tax calculations happen seamlessly in the background with no involvement from the customer. You have access to a comprehensive summary of all your data — what you sell, how you sell it, and your sales tax collection rules. You’re able to complete audits faster and with less effort. You’re able to demonstrate to auditors that you handled every sales transaction correctly from a tax perspective. And you can centrally store all historical transaction and tax for easy access to any data from any year.

Invest in growth with a tax solution for the e-commerce retail industry

Retailers are investing in digital transformation. Get a tax solution that provides an excellent and consistent customer experience across your sales channels, including e-commerce, marketplaces, drop-shipping, and more.

Tax Automation for E-Commerce Retailers