How IT Can Manage Enterprise Risk by Supporting a Tax Control Framework

7 Ways You Can Help

A side-view of a tax professional sitting at her desk, looking at analytics on her computer. The woman is leaned forward in a casual interest of the information on her screen. The image is primarily composed of the blues, grays, and whites of her open-floor office space, with a glass wall behind her separating her workspace from another work room filled with computers set up similarly to her workspace.

In the era of digital business operations, your IT department is on the frontlines of managing enterprise risk. An area often overlooked, but is a crucial component of risk management, is tax. If not addressed and monitored, it can invite a host of problems for your organization such as, audit risk, financial loss, loss of business, and reputational damage. And, for your IT team this boils down to the burden of addressing inaccurate tax data across systems and channels, inefficient processes, security and privacy concerns, resource allocation challenges, training/skill development of the IT team, audit trails, and more.

The good news is you can mitigate these issues by taking a proactive approach — by systematically automating your tax department’s tax control framework. This eBook reviews the seven ways IT can help support their organization’s tax control framework as well as how Vertex can lean in too. 

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Discover 7 ways your IT team can support your org’s tax control framework.

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