How Are E-commerce Businesses Growing?

According to a recent article, a process called "webrooming" or "looking up products online and then visiting a store to purchase" is the real opportunity for small to medium-sized retailers -- with approximately 70% of consumers engaging in this activity.

Another way e-commerce-based business are succeeding is by simply having a "buy" button on their web page. This trend is likely to have an impact on both desktop and mobile purchases. Amazon's "One-click ordering" is a prime example of this where customers can set up a button that runs their credit card and ships whatever they have bought to a designated address.

By having “findable” products online, consumers can review product information on their website. SMBs need to connect with the many consumers looking online for the products they want and need and being able to find them online is the first step to this.

"While online research to offline purchase is the more common path-to-purchase, future-looking SMB retailers will holistically consider an e-commerce strategy as more and more consumers embrace online shopping. This includes free product listing sites and online marketplaces, as well as website e-commerce tools and even social media advertising."

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