To Grow or Not to Grow. That is the Question.

According to a recent article in CPA Practice Advisor “While these new states can offer exciting growth opportunities, they can also create various new tax obligations for the business. Determining whether these states have a legal right to tax your out-of-state business depends on whether your business has 'nexus' with the state.”

Nexus is the minimum level of business activity or connection with a state which will result in your business being subject to taxation in that state. Because each state has different rules about whether a company with a presence in their state must collect and/or pay taxes, the question of whether or not nexus exists can be crucial to determining a company’s tax liability.

Let Vertex Inc. help with an innovative nexus study, designed to identify whether your company has tax filing requirements in states where you engage in a business activity. Then you’ll be able to answer the question of growth.