The Future of Enterprise E-Commerce for Tax

Listen as we dive into what marketplace facilitators and e-commerce merchants need to know about enterprise tax, tax compliance, and auditing.

Vertex Tax Matters podcast covers the latest issues, developments, and analyses of global tax trends and technology.

Podcast Overview

In this podcast presented by Visiture, Vertex, Inc. Solutions Manager, Nate Stohrer sat down with host Ronald Dod to discuss enterprise tax, tax compliance, and auditing – specifically what you need to know and look for if you’re an e-commerce merchant.

In this podcast, you’ll hear all about:

  • Tax compliance and how to make sure you’re covered
  • What you need to know and look for when it comes to auditing
  • How COVID-19 is affecting taxes and e-commerce 
  • Best practices on managing taxes when using marketplaces
  • The benefits of using a trusted and robust platform

Featured Speakers

Nate Stohrer, Solutions Manager at Vertex, Inc.


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