The Final Rose Goes to…Taxes

Explore the tax rules on the sales of plants and seeds.

Flower Taxability

Picture this, Bachelor Paradise: the lush driveway of a Los Angeles mansion, our Bachelor wiping off beads of sweat, nervously adjusting his jacket and tie. Host Chris Harrison is by the Bachelor's side, waiting for the arrival of limos, each one filled with women in their cocktail finest, one of whom could be his future wife. But it all starts with a taxable final rose.

According to The New York Department of Taxation, there is a tax on the sales of all plants and seeds for non-commercial use, regardless of whether they are for human consumption or not.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Flower taxability just might surprise you.

For direct sales or deliveries of flowers that don’t involve a florist’s wire service, the florist must collect sales tax at the combined state and local sales tax rate in effect where the flowers are delivered to the customer or the rate where the customer directs the flowers to be delivered. The taxable receipt would include any charges for shipping or delivery.

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