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    What CIOs Want from Tax Leaders During COVID-19

    Many tax executives are fielding questions from their information technology (IT) counterparts since the COVID-19 crisis began; others should expect to do so soon.
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    Vertex Honors Five Tax Technology Innovators

    Congratulations to Air Liquide, Redbox, Summit Electric Supply, Walmart and Xcel Energy for leveraging Vertex tax technology to achieve important business goals! We’re proud to recognize these companies as tax innovators for their unique approaches to solving complex business and tax challenges.
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    Hot Job Title of the (Near) Future: Tax Technologist

    Data analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and other technology advancements are transforming how organizations conduct business. What receives less attention, however, is the fact that technology transformation is also disrupting who organizations hire and develop to design and perform increasingly data-driven business processes throughout the enterprise.
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    How to Overcome 4 Common AI Obstacles

    There’s no question the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be felt in tax departments. However, AI still poses obstacles for those interested in harnessing its potential benefits. 
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    An AI Arms Race in Tax?

    It’s been just over two years since a group of scientists and technologists including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Stephen Hawking published their concerns about escalating military applications of artificial intelligence (AI). Since then, the topic has received plenty of press.
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    AI Now: How Businesses Are Reaping Benefits

    An audit firm that’s using cognitive technology to extract key terms from contracts … a bank that deployed a lifelike intelligent-agent avatar for its IT support help desk … a cancer center that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve hotel and restaurant recommendations for patients’ families … These are just a few of the examples of how companies are capitalizing on AI, as described in a new Harvard Business Review article Artificial Intelligence for the Real World.
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    A Walk on AI’s Wild Side

    If you’re intrigued by the astounding rise of artificial intelligence in our personal and professional lives, you’ll enjoy this article in the MIT Technology Review: “The Great AI Paradox” by Brian Bergstein.
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    Generic Self-Service Data Prep Tools Can’t “Taxify”

    As organizations increasingly use self-service data preparation tools, tax professionals should distinguish between generic versions of these applications and domain-specific self-service data prep tools that address the unique demands of tax management requirements.
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    What Boards Want to Know About Digital Transformation

    As digital innovation sweeps through business processes, including those within the tax function, it’s increasingly important for tax leaders to understand how the transformation looks from the board’s point of view.
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    Machine Learning Enables ‘Level 5’ Tax Analytics

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a checkered development history over the decades. Periods of heavy funding have alternated with stretches of diminished interest from academia, businesses and governments – until recently. 

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