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    Opportunity for Public Comment on OECD VAT/GST Guidance

    As expected, late last week the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released discussion drafts of two additional sections of its VAT/GST Guidelines, the initial version of which was published earlier this year. The purpose of the document is to lay out guiding principles for any country looking to introduce a VAT or GST system and, for those that already have one, to help provide a pathway to best practices, including the avoidance of double taxation and non-taxation.

    Tax Plunges into the Era of Hyper-Regulation

    Twenty-five thousand... That’s roughly how many legislative changes have occurred around the world regarding tax in the past 12 months – and that is just in the area of transaction taxes.

    The "Social Contract" between Tax Authorities and Tax Payers

    Last week, I was reflecting on a conference presentation that I was lucky enough to hear earlier in the year. The speaker had some very interesting things to say about the social contract between tax authorities and tax payers. The essence of his point was that tax authorities have an obligation to assist tax payers in making the identification of their liabilities and the payment of their taxes as easy as is reasonably possible. In return, tax payers should remain compliant by accounting for, collecting and paying those taxes that they are required to manage.

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