Epic Sales Tax Revenues Will Go Where Skiers Go

Vail Resorts, headquartered in Colorado, recently acquired Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah, which raises a sales tax question for their multi-ski area Epic Pass - should skiers be paying sales tax on their Epic Pass at the tax rate of the jurisdiction where they bought it, or the tax rate of the jurisdiction where they are using it?  Vail Resorts will be remitting the revenue to the jurisdiction where the Epic Pass is used.

But what happens if Vail Resorts succeeds in their plan to connect The Canyons, a large resort in Utah?  Skiers at The Canyons could potentially be crossing over as many as 3 jurisdictional lines in their ski run, and the sales tax rates vary in each one. What sales tax rate should be charged and where should the tax revenue be remitted in these cases?

This article offers a glimpse into the complex landscape of sales tax.  Click here to read the “Epic sales tax revenues will go where skiers go” article in its entirety.

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