4 Pillars for Embedding Tax Management and Compliance into Financial Processes

Global Compliance

Retailers are hard at work driving innovation, identifying new engagement strategies and nurturing big ideas into reality. And with shifting consumer expectations and a highly competitive marketplace creating fresh needs and new moments of opportunity, brands have a unique window to deliver products to specific shopper segments through new selling channels. 

But before executives can transform their organizations to capitalize on the retail paradigm of the future, they need to elevate their existing tax and compliance strategies to align with a more sophisticated business environment. 

In this best practice guide, we’ll outline four pillars retailers should leverage to enhance their tax strategies, build more efficient reporting workflows, optimize their supply chains and streamline operational activities. The pillars include: 

  • Process and technologies; 
  • Agility and integration; 
  • Forward-looking capabilities; and 
  • Compliance and reporting.

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Transform Your Business Processes

Explore five ways retailers can prepare themselves and their systems now for future success.

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