Digital Transformation Demands a New Approach to ERP

Don’t overlook tax functions when modernizing systems

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While digital transformation is a top-of-mind issue for executives, many organizations still overlook the role of ERP, believing that the operational systems that have supported their companies in the past will transition smoothly to a new way of doing business. However, when selecting an ERP, executives often overlook the power that it has today. ERP can be a significant impediment to modernization if the processes encoded in the software are inflexible or bind the company to outmoded ways of doing business.

This white paper explains how business leaders can transform their business by selecting the right ERP. In it, we outline the factors IT leaders should consider when planning for ERP transformation in conjunction with business transformation—and how the right ERP solution can accelerate both the pace and benefits of transformation.

ERPs are an extremely powerful software that can elevate your business to achieve goals around digital transformation. When selecting an ERP, executives often overlook the power that it has today.

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