Digital Transformation and Tax Analytics: What’s Driving ERP to the Cloud

With close to 7,000 customers using Oracle Cloud, Oracle understands the factors that drive organizations of all sizes to migrate from an on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to cloud-based ERP systems. In many cases, access to more sophisticated tax analytics figures prominently among those factors.

Of course, the organizational pursuit of digital transformation also represents a pervasive driver of ERP cloud migration. 

Companies commit to digital transformation to achieve strategic benefits, including revenue growth via new business models, product and service innovations, and higher levels of customer centricity. For example, a traditional manufacturing company might pursue the adoption of digital processes by developing new subscription-based maintenance services fueled by a combination of internet of things (IoT) sensors and greater connectivity between backend systems. A modern, cloud-based ERP system enables these types of offerings to be set up quickly, cost-effectively and in a risk-savvy manner. 

CFOs and other corporate finance executives also choose to migrate ERP to the cloud to reduce IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Another driver of this shift relates to tax. Finance and tax leaders increasingly recognize that a modern, cloud-based ERP system—one with tax engine functionality seamlessly integrated into its functionality—provides an opportunity to add value to the company via powerful tax analytics capabilities. 

Vertex has been innovating with Oracle for more than 25 years and we’ve seen what factors help companies execute their ERP cloud migrations, and related tax technology integrations, in the most effective manner, as I will discuss in my next post.

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Marc Duclos, Director, Oracle & NetSuite Global Partnership, Vertex Inc. The Vertex Industry Influencers provide insights regarding the impact of tax regulations, policy, enforcement and emerging technology trends on global businesses.

Marc Duclos

Senior Director, Global Partnerships

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Marc Duclos is the Oracle/NetSuite Partnership Director at Vertex. Marc has 20 years of product marketing and channel management experience developing and managing national partnerships and driving partner account activity. He also has experience in utilizing completely integrated marketing campaigns to directly influence revenue pipeline and overall regional goals. Marc is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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