Businesses Transition to a Cloud-Based ERP

It's hard to believe that only a few years ago cloud-based ERP was a very simple function that did not include core systems.

It is a huge transition switching to the cloud, but more and more businesses are pursuing this change and their vendors are eager to follow behind them.

Gartner’s Chris Pang notes for small to medium-size businesses, cloud-based ERP has moved beyond the consultancy’s vaunted “hype cycle” and is now moving up the “slope of enlightenment.” For larger enterprises, cloud-based ERP is on the very pinnacle of the hype cycle.

“When it comes to cloud ERP, we are definitely seeing a lot more use cases being available, and fundamentally we are seeing a lot more desire from the end user community to take on cloud ERP as an entirely complete solution, or as discreet bits of functionality,” Pang adds.

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