The Burden of Accounting and Taxes

The majority of small business owners said they spend more than 41 hours on tax preparation each year. That breaks down to 40 percent of small business owners who said they spend over 80 hours a year, 18 percent spend 41 to 80 hours per year, 15 percent spend 21 to 40 hours a year, and 28 percent spend less than 21 hours per year.

Let Vertex Cloud's sales & use tax automation solution help you save valuable time when it comes to your sales and use taxes. Vertex Cloud offers a solution for the small to medium-sized business market with the following benefits:

  • A pay-as-you-go pricing with no upfront costs
  • Backed by Vertex, Inc., the best tax content in the industry.
  • Provides signature-ready PDF returns and seamless integration.

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