Boo! Don’t Let the “Pumpkin Spice Tax” Scare You Away!

With fall on the horizon, many of us are looking forward to football games, holidays and the changing leaves. But, let’s not forgot one of the most anticipated highlights of the season—pumpkin spice! The phenomenon has swept the nation in recent years and has people buying pumpkin spice flavored coffee, cakes, and yes, even water. Retailers were quick to notice the uptick in pumpkin spice sales and are now partaking in adding a premium for that sought after fall flavor.

Boo! Don’t Let the “Pumpkin Spice Tax” Scare You Away!

According to CNBC, MaginifyMoney analyzed roughly 200 pumpkin spice-flavored products at restaurants and grocery stores and found that items with the "pumpkin spice tax" averaged nearly 8 percent higher than their non-flavored counterparts. Some items could have as high as a 133 percent premium.

Click here to see if your favorite pumpkin spice products are listed.

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