The Art of the State Relationship

Learn how advisory relationships between state tax agencies and corporate tax leaders can be mutually beneficial.

Article Overview

In this Tax Notes State article, Vertex Chief Tax Officer Michael J. Bernard discusses the mutually beneficial advisory relationships between state tax agencies and corporate tax leaders.

Corporate tax functions of all sizes understand that state governments will be enacting new tax related laws and rule changes in the face of revenue shortfalls and budget deficits. By investing the time and energy required to establish and nurture mutually beneficial advisory relationships with state tax agencies, corporate tax leaders can limit the likelihood of detrimental tax rule proposals being enacted, as the costs of rushed or poorly crafted regulations can be onerous. In this article, Michael addresses the following questions and more:

  • How can tax leaders win public sector friends and influence legislation?
  • What are the benefits to these relationships?
  • How do these relationships impact ballot initiatives?
  • How can these relationships create career opportunities?

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