The 4 Traits of a Small Business Owner

According to a new survey by Infusionsoft, there are four profiles of small business owners which include Freedom Seekers, Passionate Creators, Struggling Survivors, and Legacy Builders.

Freedom Seekers - These small business owners started their business because they want the ability to control their fate, decisions, work environment, schedule, and revenue. They value where they devote their time and believe owning a small business allows them the freedom to live the lifestyle they've always wanted.

Passionate Creators - This group started their small business because they love what they do. Running their business gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride. They value the impact they are able to make for their customers and the world at large.

Struggling Survivors - This profile resonates the cold, hard reality that sometimes running a small business is more risky than rewarding. The fear expressed within this group is rooted in the very real challenges small businesses face every day. This group has significant concerns, misgivings and skepticism about the value of owning a small business.

Legacy Builders - Small business owners who fall into this profile see small business ownership as a practical economic choice. They believe small businesses are more ethical than larger corporations and believe most people would start their own business if they could.

The survey showed significant differences between each group, including the contrast between the "Passionate Creators" group, who are the most active and data-focused marketers, and the "Legacy Builders" group, who are investing the least in their sales and marketing initiatives.

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