3 Small and Medium-Sized Business Technology Trends

According to a recent article, there are 3 technology trends that small and medium-sized business are moving towards.

  1. Small to medium-sized businesses are spending more on technology. "81% of small business owners say they’re planning to invest in more technology in the year ahead."
  2. Small to medium-sized businesses are operating in the cloud. "37% of small business owners say they run over half their business in the cloud and 44% use more than two cloud-based tools to manage their company’s daily operations. Further, 81% say they would be willing to pay more for a tool that combined data from multiple systems for the time savings and increase in efficiency."
  3. Small to medium-sized businesses are more mobile than ever. "89% of small business owners occasionally use a smartphone to run their business and 56% reported using tablets. What’s more is that 63% said they plan to increase their use of mobile devices for business in the year ahead."

Vertex Inc. provides a cloud-based sales and use tax solution for calculation and remittance designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Our end-to-end service model is unique in our industry because it was built with the end result of compliance in mind. This ensures that the returns and compliance data you submit to the agencies is right the first time — every time.

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