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 Webcast Vertex Sales & Use Tax Solutions for Oracle ERP Cloud
Learn how the Vertex solution enables "cloud-to-cloud," touchless integration of Oracle ERP Cloud and Vertex Cloud. Enjoy efficient, user-friendly uptake and integration, with no need to host any software or integration components on premise.
 Webcast Get Grounded: Tax Compliance and the Cloud
In this presentation by T-Mobile, GSA, and Vertex you'll learn more about the legislation, taxes, and fees that impact cloud communication providers, as well as savings models and recovery line items that help minimize the cost to your business.
 Webcast Game-changing Approach to Tax Provision with SAP Integration

Learn how SAP users now have a streamlined solution that automates data management, provision calculation and tax journal entries into SAP BPC.

 Webcast Northern Tool + Equipment Chooses the Only Tax Connector for MS Dynamics AX
In this webcast, learn how the MS Dynamics AX connector gives tax all the tools they need to manage tax without having to go through IT — and how Northern Tool + Equipment configures tax data with O Series flex fields within MS Dynamics AX.
 Webcast Using LCR-Dixon PLUS Tools with Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator
Learn about the LCR-Dixon PLUS Tools you can add to Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP for unprecedented visibility into your data, customization in reporting, and ease in addressing common pain points with SAP tax integrations.
 Webcast What’s Happening in Latin America with Transaction Taxes?

This webcast introduces several innovative solutions that can alleviate many of the pain points associated with LATAM operations and discusses ways to reduce risk when facing new government requirements.

 Webcast Address Cleansing for Oracle EBS Payroll

Learn how Vertex Address Cleansing for Payroll Tax reduces audit exposure by improving the accuracy of your payroll tax jurisdictional assignment, including convenient integration with Oracle EBS.

 Webcast Vertex Enterprise for Country-by-Country Reporting

Watch the webcast to learn how Vertex Enterprise streamlines the data management required for country-by-country reporting, and enables the reconciliation needed for audit support.

 Webcast JAFRA Cosmetics Streamlines Sales & Use Tax Returns with Vertex

Learn how direct sales company JAFRA Cosmetics, with sellers from California to New York, streamlined their previously time, cost, and labor-intensive tax return process using Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns.

 Webcast Vertex Enterprise for the Income Tax Lifecycle

Watch the webcast to learn how Vertex Enterprise enables a single source of tax-ready data to power the end-to-end income tax lifecycle from provision to compliance to audit prep and planning

 Webcast Vertex Enterprise for the Indirect Tax Lifecycle

Watch the webcast to learn how Vertex Enterprise streamlines data management for Indirect Tax creating a single source of tax-ready data for the end-to-end tax lifecycle.

 Webcast Roadmap Update: Vertex Indirect Tax Solutions for VAT

In this webcast, learn about how Vertex solutions transform VAT management, allowing you to unify, enrich, access, and store data from a single source, and see what solutions we have in store for the immediate future.

 Webcast Vertex Enterprise for the VAT Lifecycle

Watch the webcast to learn how Vertex Enterprise creates a single source of reliable tax-ready data to power the end-to-end VAT lifecycle. Giving the tax department improved accuracy and increased control.

 Webcast Understanding Withholding Taxes in Latin America

Learn the requirements and understand the different challenges associated with withholding taxes in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

 Webcast TekLinks, GSA and Vertex Discuss Line Based Taxation Complexity

Learn from experts from TekLinks, GSA and Vertex what legal changes are taking place, what you need to know to calculate taxes and fees correctly, and how to plan for the continued evolution of communications technology and services.

 Webcast How to Simplify VAT Returns and Compliance with Automation

This webcast is an overview of our VAT Returns application’s architecture and functionality. The discussion will cover details surrounding compliance, implementation, countries supported, and the flexible data import capabilities.

 Webcast Tax Complexity in the Leasing Industry

Learn how Vertex and De Lage Landen explore the complexities of leasing industry taxation and best practices to save time, money, and resources.

 Webcast Optimize VAT Management with Vertex and SAP

Learn about how our new integration for managing global tax requirements improves accuracy and reduces risks. The webcast will also introduce the Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP.

 Webcast BEPS Country-by-Country Reporting: The Practical Impact for Corporate Tax Departments

The Vertex Chief Tax Office reviews the new CbCR template and discusses the related issues that tax professionals need to consider — from data management to data security and audit demands.

 Webcast Automating Global Management End-to-End

Hear experts discuss the latest functionality and benefits of Vertex’s end-to-end solution including global content updates, centralized tax decisions and reporting and global integrated returns.

 Webcast Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP

Gain an understanding of how the Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP differentiates the Vertex O Series solution in the market, new features, benefits and installation requirements.

 Webcast Taming Retail Tax Complexity with Automation

Hear an expert discussion about the most current retail tax trends, the key drivers for tax automation, and the ever-growing number of sales tax challenges.

 Webcast Understanding the Complex Transaction Tax Environment in Latin America

This overview discusses the common, region-specific challenges and pitfalls associated with integrating systems and managing compliance processes in Latin America, with a special focus on Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

 Webcast The Right Choice for Tax Automation

During this webcast, you will see a Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series demonstration that shows just how the Vertex O Series solution is designed to automate and centralize the corporate indirect tax process.

 Webcast Lhoist Finds Successful Outsourcing is More Like Co-sourcing

Lhoist tax executives discuss choosing an outsourcing provider, and the client’s role in a successful outsourced compliance model.

 Webcast Toyota Financial Services Prioritizes Experience in Choosing an Outsourcing Provider

Learn how tax executives at Toyota Financial Services switched outsourcing providers multiple times and learned there’s no substitute for experience.

 Webcast Directv Tax Executive Grows His Career by Outsourcing Compliance

Learn from a Directv tax executive how outsourcing sales tax compliance allowed him to focus on more valuable work and grow his career.

 Webcast Air Liquide Incorporates Outsourcing into its Tax Operations

When a corporate reorganization increased the tax workload, Air Liquide made a strategic choice to outsource the administrative tasks of compliance and focus on higher value tax work.

 Webcast The ROI Model That Proves Tax Technology Saves Money

Build a solid business case for tax technology with an undeniable ROI Model. Learn how your existing processes could be costing your company money and how you can quantify these hidden cost factors in a way that adds value to your business.

 Webcast Gordon Flesch Automates Tax Process with Vertex

Navigating complex transaction tax regulations can add difficulty to the tax process. Find out how Gordon Flesch was able to automate its company's tax decisions to raise their level of compliance and save time and money.

 Webcast Take Your Global Tax Management to the Next Level

The increased scrutiny and regulation surrounding Value Added and Global Sales Tax is creating more pressure to accurately manage your VAT/GST. Learn how Vertex O Series alleviates the burden and lessens the costs of staying compliant.

 Webcast Face Increased VAT/GST Scrutiny Head-on

KPMG and Vertex discuss the importance of gaining an increased level of visibility over VAT/GST transactions and how automation through Vertex O Series can provide the solution you need to meet modern indirect tax management challenges.

 Webcast Procter & Gamble Improves Global Tax Process with Vertex and SAP

With the implementation of Vertex O Series alongside SAP, Procter & Gamble was able to improve indirect tax governance and coding compliance with accuracy and control. Hear more about how a tax engine can improve your global tax process.

 Webcast Merchants Fleet Management Makes a Strong Business Case for Tax Automation

In this webcast, Merchants Fleet Management and Vertex will share insights on common problems and their associated trigger events that can support your case for a tax automation software investment.

 Webcast Global Indirect Tax Automation with SAP and Vertex O Series

KPMG discusses business drivers for automation and why companies using SAP should incorporate a tax engine. Vertex explains how Vertex O Series seamlessly integrates with SAP and other details you need to further your automation agenda.

 Webcast Understanding the Complexities of Global E-Commerce

Vertex and Peter Sheldon from Forrester Research, Inc. discuss how to tackle the complexities of going global, where to focus your expansion plan, and how to manage tax in multi-market operations.

 Webcast Maximizing the Tax Automation Process: PepsiCo, Accenture, and Vertex

Experts from PepsiCo, Accenture, and Vertex Inc. discuss how PepsiCo implemented a cost-effective, streamlined tax processing solution through a partnership with Vertex and Accenture that centralized and automated their tax process.

 Webcast Leasing Industry Sales & Local Tax Update

Join two leasing industry experts as they explore important topics currently impacting the leasing industry and how they profoundly affect the application of sales tax.

 Webcast Starbucks and Vertex: A Tax Success Story

The Starbucks tax team discuss how they alleviated pain points and realized companywide financial and process benefits.

 Webcast The Tax Considerations for Going Global

Vertex experts offer insight on important tax considerations when developing a global expansion strategy.

 Webcast Achieve Consumer Use Tax Compliance in Your Business

Amper, Politziner & Mattia and Vertex discuss the top four challenges of consumer use tax as revealed through a market survey.

 Webcast Caterpillar's World-Class Strategy for VAT Management

Caterpillar tax executives offer insight on managing value added tax around the world, including their vision to transform into a world-class VAT leader.

 Webcast Navigate the Complexity of Consumer Use Tax

Deloitte and Vertex discuss how to gain control over the inherent complexity of consumer use tax, with a focus on Oracle R12 and E-Business Tax.

 Webcast VAT Risk Management and Your Business

KPMG and Vertex discuss the importance of building and implementing a VAT risk management structure around your business operations.

 Webcast Vera Bradley Automates Tax Process for Improved Performance

Vera Bradley tax executives discuss cost savings and tax department efficiencies delivered by automating tax compliance with Vertex. Learn how their tax and IT teams worked together for a seamless rollout in a short time period.

 Webcast Amazon and Vertex Discusses Six Global Trends Shaping the World of Tax

Tax executives from Vertex and address issues affecting global tax management from increasing regulation to emerging technology and more.

 Webcast Tax Considerations for Retailers in a Multi-channel Environment

Vertex and AMR Research discuss how an enterprise approach to tax management can align to IT strategy and contribute to a "seamless customer experience" in a multichannel retail environment.