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 Case Study Koppers Automates Global Provision with Vertex

Learn how this multinational chemical manufacturer streamlined data management and provision resulting in a faster close and improved audit performance.

 Case Study Spanish SII: Duracell Case Study

Vertex is featured in an International Tax Review for its partnership with Duracell to complete the first successful Spain SII electronic VAT filing.

 Case Study Air Liquide Incorporates Outsourcing into its Tax Operations

When a corporate re-organization increased the tax workload, Air Liquide made a strategic choice to outsource the administrative tasks of compliance and focus on higher value tax work.

 Case Study Procter & Gamble Strengthens Tax Governance and Compliance With Help From Vertex

Read about how Procter and Gamble's implementation of Vertex Indirect Tax O Series, the industry-leading tax automation solution, improving tax coding compliance and indirect tax governance.

 Case Study Gordon Flesch Co. Saves Time and Money with Vertex Indirect Tax for Leasing

Read more about how Vertex Indirect Tax for Leasing helped Gordon Flesch, a business technology company, raise their level of compliance while saving the company time and money.

 Case Study Directv Tax Executive Grows His Career by Outsourcing Compliance

Learn from a Directv tax executive how outsourcing sales tax compliance allowed him to focus on more valuable work and grow his career.

 Case Study Toyota Financial Services Prioritizes Experience in Choosing an Outsourcing Provider

Learn how tax executives at Toyota Financial Services switched outsourcing providers multiple times and learned there’s no substitute for experience.

 Case Study Lhoist Finds Successful Outsourcing is More Like Co-sourcing

Lhoist tax executives discuss choosing an outsourcing provider, and the client’s role in a successful outsourced compliance model.

 Case Study Tremco Switches Returns Outsourcing Providers to Improve Data Integrity

Learn how tax executives at The Tremco Group knew it was time to switch returns outsourcing providers. And how they managed the process of finding the right outsourcing relationship to meet their needs.

 Case Study Starbucks Taps Vertex to Manage Global Tax Complexities

Learn how Starbucks took advantage of an ERP upgrade to also implement a new tax automation system to address the challenges associated with its global expansion. Vertex O Series provided risk reduction, improved transparency, and scalability.

 Case Study Toyota Financial Services Streamlines Process with Vertex Indirect Tax for Leasing

When Toyota Financial Services moved to streamline business processes and increase operational efficiencies, they turned to Vertex Indirect Tax for Leasing.