Through the Zuora and Vertex Premier Partnership, tax calculation is real-time for Zuora Central's Subscription Orders.

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Improve tax management with our Zuora integration.

Managing tax for subscription-based companies can be complex. Using our automated tax calculation integrated with Zuora, determine where and how much tax needs to be paid, more accurately calculate tax for different payment plans, manage tax-exempt products, and understand sales tax rules, such as those related to shipping and sales tax holidays. Our tax engine offers global tax content, customizable tax rules, precise tax jurisdiction identification, reporting capabilities, and role-based security for your recurring billing needs.

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Compliance - Positive

Support tax compliance for subscription-based products and plans.

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Reduce audit risk by automating sales tax compliance.

Globally positive

Enable business scalability by leveraging our global tax content.

Sales Use Tax

Improve tax accuracy for shipping and sales tax holidays.

Integrating with Zuora

Zuora Billing

Connect Zuora Billing to Vertex for accurate sales, use, and value added tax calculations on every subscription invoice. Our easy-to-use technology automates tax calculation with the most up-to-date rates and rules to keep you compliant.

Taxamo by Vertex Tax Connector

A Taxamo by Vertex Tax Connector plug-in maps the Zuora model to Taxamo by Vertex products, using Zuora Liquid templates to construct the Taxamo by Vertex request payload. The Zuora/Taxamo by Vertex invoice solution means every invoice generated meets the requirements for the relevant tax jurisdiction.

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