Vertex Tax Integration with Zuora

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Managing tax for subscription-based companies can be a complex challenge. It involves determining where and how much tax needs to be paid, accurately calculating tax for different payment plans, managing tax-exempt products, and understanding unique tax rules, such as those related to shipping and sales tax holidays. This complexity multiplies when subscriptions change by the month and state.

With Vertex's automated tax calculation integrated into Zuora, you can significantly improve tax accuracy, reduce audit risks, and enable business scalability. Vertex's powerful tax engine offers a comprehensive solution with global tax content, customizable tax rules, precise tax jurisdiction identification, reporting capabilities, and role-based security. Don't let recurring billing be a source of sales tax complications – connect with Vertex today for a seamless Zuora integration that simplifies your tax management.

You can automate tax calculation in Zuora with a Vertex tax engine to:

  • Improve tax accuracy
  • Reduce audit risk
  • And enable business scalability

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