We partner with Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, to improve compliance processes as your company faces ongoing compliance challenges.

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Vertex is a Certified Workday Partner, as well as a Workday Select Partner.

Workday Vertex Partnership for tax automatoin

Our Integration with Workday

Connect Workday to Vertex for more accurate sales and use tax calculations on customer and supplier invoices. Enjoy ease of use and calculation and returns in one comprehensive solution. Through a co-development effort, we were able to build the Vertex Tax Links for Workday and the Workday Financials Tax API.

Our partners undergo the Workday Certified Integration badge process for creating integrations that meet at least 90 percent of the standard use case requirements. This badge focuses on business processes and interactions that boost efficiency, upstream and downstream. The Certified badge process is more intensive and requires greater resource investment and results in more seamless interoperability between the Workday and Vertex software solutions.