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Zuora is known for revolutionizing the dynamic order-to-revenue process and powering the subscription economy. Zuora creates cloud-based software on a subscription basis that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. The typical ERP can’t handle the dynamic order-to-revenue process seamlessly. This is where Zuora comes into play.

Zuora Central is the world’s only subscription order to revenue platform that makes it much easier for companies to manage ongoing subscriber relationships and keep up with fast changing  go-to-market strategies. Zuora Central enables supreme subscription management, allowing organizations to keep up with subscribers and fast changing go-to-market strategies. It is imperative to also leverage proper tax calculation during the order process. This is where Vertex comes into play. 

Vertex is a leading provider of tax technology and services, enabling companies of all sizes to realize the full strategic potential of the tax function by automating and integrating tax processes, while leveraging advanced and predictive analytics of tax data. Vertex provides cloud-based, on-premise, and hosted solutions that can be tailored to specific industries for every major line of tax, including sales and consumer use, value added and payroll.

Through the Zuora and Vertex Premier Partnership, tax calculation is real-time with Zuora Centrals Subscription Orders. Organization will no longer have to rely on manual processes to update rates or apply the correct tax rates to invoices. One call to Vertex using the Tax API ensures accurate rates and rules applied to all orders - globally. 

Today, Zuora employs more than 800+ passionate ZEOs to help power our company, and the Subscription Economy. Zuora is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with satellite offices throughout North America, Europe, China, India, Japan, and Australia. For more information visit www.zuora.com.

Vertex Exchange

Join Vertex customers, solution experts and tax professionals to learn about solutions and strategies that can help improve tax processes and deliver value to your tax department. Learn more about our 2019 events.

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