About our Partnership

Through the Zuora and Vertex Premier Partnership, tax calculation is real-time with Zuora Central's Subscription Orders. Gone are the days of having to manually process tax, update rates, and apply the correct tax rates to invoices. 

How It Works

Zuora revolutionizes the dynamic order-to-revenue process and powers the subscription economy through cloud-based software. Zuora's technology enables companies across all industries to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. The typical ERP can’t handle the dynamic order-to-revenue process seamlessly. This is where Zuora comes into play.

Zuora Central is the world’s only subscription order-to-revenue platform that simplifies how to manage ongoing subscriber relationships and keep up with rapidly-changing go-to-market strategies. Subscription companies must also leverage proper tax calculation during the order process. This is where Vertex comes into play.  One call to Vertex using the Tax API ensures accurate rates and rules applied to all orders—globally. 

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Vertex Exchange

Join Vertex customers, solution experts, and tax professionals October 27-30 In Denver, CO to learn about solutions and strategies that can help improve tax processes and deliver value to your tax department.

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