Founded in 2001, People 2.0 has long been recognized as the gold standard Employer of Record “EOR”/ Agent of Record “AOR” back office solution provider preferred by leading Staffing and Recruiting companies. Our service offerings—which enable scalable growth and profitability—have since been leveraged by a broad spectrum of businesses in the Human Capital Services market, including, RPOs, online recruitment platforms, MSPs, and Employment Compliance Firms.

People 2.0 has evolved into a full-service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company by offering a full spectrum of talent engagement services, including SOW administration, to organizations across the Human Capital Services industry and around the world. Today People 2.0 is the premier global workforce deployment platform as well as the trusted advisor and subject matter expert to clients around the world. We serve and support a global network of clients from our headquarters in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and our office in Houston, Texas.

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