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LCR-Dixon Corporation is a specialized provider of transaction tax automation services and solutions. Our team offers expert Vertex implementation services for O-Series, Q-Series, and Returns applications. Our SAP technology lets our clients integrate more efficiently and with the greatest flexibility and visibility. We offer SAP tax reporting solutions, SAP data management tools, and pre-developed ABAP solutions to optimize the integration between your SAP and Vertex solutions. LCR-Dixon is headquartered in San Francisco and has team members in California, Maryland, Oregon, and Texas.

They have a reputation for maintaining strong ties with all of our mutual clients and adhere to three of the founding principles for this firm - Loyalty, Consideration, and Respect. Or as it’s abbreviated – L C R.

    Our Partnership with LCR-Dixon

    Find out what our partnership delivers to the SAP users who are looking for better tax functionality.

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    PLUS Tools Customer Story

    Hear from Erica Bucklew, TE's tax manager, and how she leveraged the PLUS Tools and Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP.

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    LCR-Dixon PLUS Tools

    Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP

    • Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP - The Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP takes your tax functionality in SAP to another level. The Accelerator's integration, troubleshooting, reporting, and conversion tools gives the Tax and IT teams unprecedented control of taxes in SAP - so you can get more out of Vertex.

    Procure to Pay

    • VENDORecon - VENDORecon integrates with Vertex to validate taxes during A/P processing in SAP. Compatible with touch-free invoicing, VENDORecon automatically balances vendor tax differences, so your Accounts Payable team can focus on faster processing while enabling that your tax obligations are met.
    • Diagnostax - Let Diagnostax run analytics on your Purchases to give you detailed insight into your tax results. Get ahead of your audits, trigger integrated corrections, and reduce the time you need to spend on reviews, corrections, and training.
    • flexRFC AP - With flexRFC AP, you can easily process your use tax adjustments in SAP and remit them on your returns. flexRFC AP's easy screens enable quick corrections, while the validation checks and audit trail give you peace of mind that your adjustments are fully accountable.
    • flexTAX - flexTAX integrates with Vertex to accrue incremental taxes due on your P-CARD purchases. Filter out low-risk activity and reduce your audit liability by enabling timely expensing and filing of accruals.


    • flexRFC AR - With flexRFC AR, it's easy to process tax-credits to your customers without re-issuing the invoice. flexRFC AR can process multiple credits simultaneously and with links back to the original billing, you can fully track your corrections.

    Data Management

    • FLUX Monitor - FLUX Monitor tracks and notifies you of changes in SAP that can impact your tax obligations. Whether it’s a plant added in a new location or new GL Account, FLUX can track these updates and give you the insight to stay current with your registrations and setups in Vertex.
    • SCOUT - SCOUT validates your addresses and Tax Jurisdiction Codes (TJC) so you can keep them current in SAP. Run SCOUT on your SAP master data and open documents during upgrades or after monthly updates, to ensure the latest TJCs are assigned.

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