We are a proud partner of Intuit helping Intuit Quickbooks users save time by simplifying tax. Vertex and Intuit share 700,000 mutual clients.

How We Partner with Intuit

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Learn how companies like yours connected to Vertex to simplify tax, save time, and stay compliant.

Vertex Partnership

Partnership Benefits for Clients

For customers using Intuit Quickbooks Online or Intuit Quickbooks Desktop, our partnership delivers sales tax automation to help businesses simplify tax complexity.

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Solution Benefits

Staying compliant is critical to business growth. Our solutions perform calculations on invoices, look up tax rates in real-time, prepare and file returns, and maintain product taxability and compliance across multiple jurisdictions and states. 

Tax Partner Vertex

We Know the Ropes

Make sales and use tax a seamless part of every transaction by connecting our tax technology with your Quickbooks system. Along with our tax technology, we provide the expertise, collaboration, training, and lifelong support you need.

Intuit Integrations

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Intuit Quickbooks Desktop

We integrate with Intuit Quickbooks Desktop to automate sales and use tax, saving your business time, effort, and risk associated with manual tax processes.

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Intuit Quickbooks Online

Integrate Quickbooks online to start managing sales and use tax accurately on every transaction. Simply create the sales form in Quickbooks, see your items listed with the shipping address, launch our application, process your sales tax form, and Vertex will generate a signature-ready PDF return, which we can file for you if you prefer.

Watch the Quickbooks Online integration video to learn more.

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Our trusted solutions for Intuit enable businesses to manage tax complexity and grow with confidence. Get in touch today to learn more.