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Connect Elastic Path to Vertex for accurate sales, use, and value added tax calculations on every online transaction.

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Main Features

Attribute-based Taxability

In the user interface, it is possible to map additional data elements to be passed over as part of the tax calculation web service call. These data elements are mapped to flex fields in the XML message.

Automated Sales & Use Tax Calculation

No more manual calculations. Automate and standardize taxability and calculation on every sales and purchase transaction on every product in every jurisdiction. Improve your accuracy, reduce audit risk, and have confidence to grow your business.

Most Up-to-date Tax Rates and Rules

Ensure every transaction applies the most accurate tax rules, rates, and exceptions automatically. Spend less time managing your tax system, and more time growing your business.

Integrated Address Cleansing

Ensure every transaction has the proper tax jurisdiction assignment to trigger the accurate tax calculation rules. Each new address entered is automatically cleansed for errors and the full 9-digit zip code and Tax Area ID is assigned.

Real-Time Tax Calculation

Tax is calculated during the invoice or checkout process based on the latest product taxability rules and pinpoint tax area precision. Automating tax with Vertex reduces manual work and improves customer satisfaction.

More Great Features

Compliance Options (In-house or Outsourced)

Access Log Files for Troubleshooting

Calculate Shipment Tax

Connector Health Check Test

Flexfield Mapping

Industry Leader in Tax Technology

Integrated Address Cleansing

Sales Order Quotes/Orders

Seamless Integration

Simple Configuration

Tax Calculated Automatically Behind the Scenes

Tax Calculation for Estimates and Orders

Our Partnership With Elastic Path

Vertex partners with Elastic Path to offer customers a simple solution for handling tax in their commerce platform. As the pioneer of headless commerce, Elastic Path empowers customers to sell products and services in the connected world. This best-of-breed approach delivers superior results for companies seeking to create continuously brand-defining experiences.

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