Why Sales & Use Tax Compliance Can't Wait

In this report, we cover what CFOs need to know about COVID-19 filing deadlines and relief.

Learn how Vertex boost efficiency by streamlining tax processes and addressing common gaps in your tax and IT functions.

Like the IRS, a number of state and local taxing authorities extended income tax filing deadlines for businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, state and local taxing jurisdictions have not necessarily extended deadlines for reporting and paying sales and use tax. Those taxing jurisdictions that have extended deadlines also stipulate a variety of conditions, not only for waiving penalties but also for qualifying for relief and requesting payment plans.

Read this special report to learn:

  • Which details, besides dates, require the attention of finance leaders with regard to new sales and use tax filing deadlines,
  • What criteria finance leaders should keep in mind to determine which types of sales and use tax relief their companies are eligible for, and
  • How to apply advances in automation to accelerate compliance with the latest requirements for reporting and paying sales and use tax.

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