Reimagining Supply Chains in the Wake of Disruption with SAP and Mirakl

Boosting scalability and flexibility with tax automation technology.

Tax Technology can boost scalability and flexibility when supply chains are disrupted.

E-Book Overview

Consumers responded to COVID-19 outbreaks by hoarding essential products, which has greatly impacted supply chains across the country. While hoarding has subsided, other pandemic-induced changes persist.

In this new era of change and paradigm shifts, players in the retail and marketplace ecosystem should rethink their business models and reassess their supply chains to be more flexible and scalable. Retailers can leverage this inflection point as an opportunity to refocus on their core businesses, streamline and automate, and redesign their supply chains to be more risk-tolerant.

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted consumer behaviour
  • About market trends such as economic nationalism, omnichannel delivery models, and increased sales tax regulation
  • 5 steps to improve processes and respond quickly to changes in in the marketplace
  • How tax management and automation can play a key role in minimizing organisational risk

By utilising the powerful services of SAP, Mirakl, and Vertex, you can pivot with ease allowing you to future-proof your business.

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