Event Network Inc.

An e-commerce retailer automates sales tax for online and POS.

Event Network is the leading operator of gift shops for cultural attractions like aquariums, museums, science centres, and botanical gardens. They extend and elevate the guest experience to achieve the maximum retail potential. But every hour spent on manual sales tax management is an hour taken away from serving their partners. Event Network made the decision to automate sales tax with Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax to reduce the manual, time-consuming effort.

When their first solution provider proved unable to meet their needs, Event Network turned to Vertex. The company uses the Magento e-commerce platform, and recognised that Vertex is a Premier Technology Partner of Magento. Event Network chose to integrate Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax with Magento to streamline the end-to-end sales tax process for both their online and retail businesses. With Vertex, the company restored its confidence in accurate taxation on every transaction, eliminated the administrative burden of manually breaking out jurisdictions for tax reporting, and automated the preparation and filing of 35 returns each month.

Event Network now has a sales tax solution that allows them to move into any U.S. location with confidence.

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