CPO Rising 2020: The State of Procurement Address

Watch this webcast to learn about the state of procurement as it relates to people, processes, and technology challenges and adoption.

Vertex Inc.

About this Webcast

The 15th annual CPO-themed study is part of an ongoing dialogue that Ardent Partners’ analysts have had with CPOs and other procurement executives for more than a decade. In this on-demand webcast, panellists will discuss the results found in this study, such as general competencies and capabilities of procurement organisations today, management strategies, and tactics that leading CPOs use to get the most from their teams.

Viewers of this webcast will learn benchmark statistics, analysis, and recommendations that procurement teams can use to better understand the state of procurement today, gain insight into best practices, benchmark their performance against the Best-in-Class, and ultimately improve their operations and performance.


Andrew Bartolini, Founder & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners
Kristin Schwabenbauer, Global Partner Leader, Vertex

CPO Rising 2020: The State of Procurement Address

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