Changes in Tax Compliance that are Driving Automation

The urgency to address VAT compliance challenges with a tax solution has grown tremendously over the last 10 years.

Video Overview:

In this World Finance video, Emmi Nygard, director at KPMG UK, gives an overview of Europe's pace towards tax automation. Where the U.S. was ten years ago, Emmi says, Europe is today.

  • Emmi's team at KPMG empowers clients to save time and simplify tax with our solutions for VAT, including Vertex Indirect Tax O Series and Vertex Indirect Tax Returns. Tax compliance rules are changing constantly, and when they do, it happens quickly, putting businesses at risk for non-compliance. With change comes a critical need to put something in place that automates tax processes and prepares businesses for a not-so-certain future.
  • As organizations look to automate tax, Emmi helps them strategize the best way to transform their manual tax processes. Organizations must transform in a way that supports their existing systems and sources of information.
  • In the end, Emmie's ultimate goal for her clients is to implement a tax automation solution that frees up their valuable time. Tax professionals are busy enough and can use this time for growing their business.

World Finance + Vertex

In March 2019, tax professionals, solution experts, and our very own customers met in Munich for Vertex Exchange Europe. World Finance interviewed half a dozen delegates for an update on Europe’s tax compliance challenges and technological advancements.

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