Patagonia Creates a Seamless Customer Experience

Patagonia implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ERP, Order Management, and Retail to create a seamless experience for customers, no matter where they reached Patagonia. To simplify tax processes, Patagonia connected Vertex to their Microsoft and Salesforce platforms for sales tax.

Patagonia, a market leader in outdoor apparel, was using several systems across its sales channels—for e-commerce, retail, and wholesale. This was causing major issues for the customer experience. A customer coming to a Patagonia retail store to pick up an online order experienced a disconnected experience where the retail associate had no way of finding any information about the original, online purchase.

On top of that, the internal IT and Tax teams were burdened with constantly trying to maintain these systems.

To improve the customer experience, Patagonia took on the project of aligning all systems into one company: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Vertex Sales Tax Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Point of Sale (POS) System: Patagonia integrated Vertex Indirect Tax O Series On-Demand with the POS system so every retail store can ship anywhere in the country, and calculate the correct sales tax on every transaction, significantly reducing audit risk.

Customer Experience: Patagonia customers get a full omnichannel experience whether they're shopping online or visiting a retail store. The experience is seamless and modern, which is something that sets Patagonia apart from its competitors.

Additional Benefits: In addition to the customer experience improvements, Patagonia achieved efficiency, reduced risk, and saved cost.

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