Vertex: Untaxing Enterprise Tax To Drive Global Ecommerce

There are over 19,000 global tax jurisdictions, all which have unique tax needs. This includes different tax implications for similar products, how they're sold, where they're bought, from where they are shipped and more. Navigating the nuances of tax systems becomes more overwhelming for enterprise businesses with more complex needs. Vertex has developed a tax technology solution to offer customers the comprehensive solutions they need to achieve peace-of-mind in a sector rife with complexity.

Vertex seeks to empower enterprise clients by giving them “the ability to sell more products in more countries via more channels than they ever could have done trying to manage tax complexity with an internal team,” says Kelly, Channel Marketing Manager at Vertex. “We remove the roadblock of managing tax by partnering at the intersection of commerce and compliance.”

How they empower tax departments could be a lesson to other businesses serving enterprise clients: they provide rich content and powerful calculation automation that quickly accommodates business growth and change without increasing risk.

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