Vertex integrates tax automation solution with Alfa Start

Vertex announced the integration of its Lease Tax O Series with Alfa Start, a cloud-based system for auto leasing operations.
This marks the latest development in the relationship between the two companies, as they seek to better facilitate tax management and ease the complexities on lease and rental transactions for customers.
The constant changes in rates and rules across jurisdictions, states and products creates a need for integrated software to calculate indirect taxes for all lease transactions. Through Vertex’s technology, Alfa Start customers are now able to automate tax for transactions throughout the life of the lease.
Alfa’s customers are now able to simplify exemption certificate management with Vertex’s O Series, reducing risk by automating the highly complex tax needs of lessors and creating a single digital data repository.
Alfa offers systems and consultancy services to the global asset and auto-finance sectors and is perhaps best known for its Alfa Systems platform which supports retail and corporate businesses.

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A Solution for Lease Tax

Integrating a Vertex tax engine with your lease management system allows your tax department to effectively control and manage all tax decisions from lease origination to invoicing.

Lease Tax Solution by Vertex